About BBM



Welcome All to the Blue Buffalo Family! We are, Heather & Terra, Two Boss Babes pursuing the American Dream of Owning our own Small Business.  Which just happens to be a Texas Based Boutique that Brings you New Western Styles with the Blue Buffalo Flare!  Empowering Gals & Girls alike, one outfit at a time! 
   We specialize in Women's & Children's Apparel, Accessories and Home Decor. You'll find a little bit of everything within our product selection.
   We're in this to Win It....yes of course! What that looks like for us....building loyalty & friendships with our customers, getting to love our families & raise our babies, and of course to Thank God every day for the opportunities he continues to present us with, no matter how challenging they might be! :)  

We hope that everyone feels Absolutely Amazing in whatever it is they like to wear!

"Style is a Way to Say Who You are Without having to Speak."  
                                                                                           ~ Rachel Zoe

"Clothes Aren't Going to Change the World. The Women Who Wear Them Will."
                                                                                           ~ Anne Klein

"Here's to Chasing Your Dreams in the Cutest Pair of Shoes You Own." 
                                                                                           ~ #bossbabe

"Dress for Yourself and No One Else"
                                                                                           ~ Your Tango

"Always be true to yourself, what you believe, and where you came from...you'll need those roots sooner or later." 
                                                                                           ~ Dolly Parton